Monolith of the Malign is the debut album of the Swedish band Pale King, who aim at bringing an old school melodic death metal. They are inspired by early Paradise Lost and Amorphis, among others.

Pale King show a lot of good will, but Monolith of the Malign is an album that feels too much of an ode to old heroes and not enough as work that they have made their own. It feels more like a tribute, and it is lacking the flesh and bones of its band member. Sure, I won't complain about a new melodic death metal release, but I want to hear more personality by the band.

As of now Pale King are too respectful for the music they are playing. They have studied it from the outside, it seems, but they haven't slept in it, farted in it, and made it their own. If they do this work, Pale King can have a promising future as a band. Until then, they sound just a bit too pale.



  1. The Last Hour
  2. Omnious Horrors
  3. Monolith Of The Malign
  4. The Curse
  5. Dark Intentions
  6. Inflicting Misery
  7. Resurrected
  8. A Haunted Palace


Label: Soulseller Records

Score: 7/10




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