Welcome to the End is the ominous title of the sixth album by the Bavarian power metal band Stormhammer. And yes, they welcome you to the end of good taste, to the land where all cliches of power metal have been thrown together to a level that will make your skin crawl.

Stormhammer have strong credentials: they have toured with strong power metal bands such as Accept, Hammerfall, Powerwolf, and Blind Guardian. But Stormhammer are one degree more true than all these bands together. They are so over the top that they make Manowar almost sound original and fresh. Perhaps one would enjoy a show by Stormhammer on a festival when the atmosphere is good and you are too drunk to notice much, but to listen to such an album is almost torture. Even the lyrics are so over the top that you wonder if they wrote them to mock everything that is power metal.

To conclude, avoid Welcome to the End by Stormhammer, unless you want to be washed away by a wave that contains all the leftovers and garbage of the power metal scene.



  1.  The Beginning Of The End
  2. Northman
  3. Welcome To The End
  4. The Heritage
  5. Secret
  6. The Law
  7. Watchmen
  8. Road To Heaven
  9. My Dark Side
  10. Into The Night
  11. Spirit Of The Night
  12. Soul Temptation
  13. The Awakening
  14. Black Dragon




Label: Massacre Records

Score: 5/10




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