Domino is the latest album by Sinheresy, a female fronted metal band from Italy. Sinheresy were formed at the end of the glory days of female fronted metal, and are clearly influenced by Evanescence, Within Temptation, and Nightwish.

While Domino does try to add some more modern elements to the album, it still sounds about 10 years old already. The combination of the male and female vocals is quite copied from Evanescence more than 10 years ago, and some of the keyboard fillings sound very much like Nightwish.

Even though on my paper, I don't have reasons to like Domino, it is an album that I enjoyed listening to. The musicians are skilled, and the choruses are catchy – I caught myself singing one of them as I was cleaning up my kitchen. So, if you are looking for pure entertainment, without too much depth and brainpower, let Domino by Sinheresy enchant you.




  1. Domino
  2. Star Dome
  3. Without a Reason
  4. My Only Faith
  5. Unspoken Words
  6. Under Your Skin
  7. The Island of Salt and Grass
  8. Ocean of Deception
  9. Believe
  10. ... Another Life 


Label: Scarlet Records

Score: 7/10



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