Götzen.dämmerung is the debut album of the German doom/dark/gothic metal band Bitterfeldt. This album is supposed to be an apocalyptic experience that invokes the end of times. It may be, but it very much seems to be a container for all possible cliches instead.

There is a lot of borrowing going on on Götzen.dämmerung for starters. Besides the quotes from Nietzsche that are supposed to give more depth to the album, there are the synths here and there that invoke Theatre of Tragedy, some riffs that are similar to what Lacrimosa does, a deeper slower doomy bit that invokes My Dying Bride, and a general feeling of the late 1990s to this album.

While Bitterfeldt do master what they are playing, it feels too much like the same old, same old. No new elements can be heard in this album, while the gothic and dark metal scenes are in desperate need for innovation.




  1.  Nordlicht
  2. Arktus
  3. Eines Tages
  4. Anatole
  5. Zauberland
  6. Masembria
  7. Fiebertraum
  8. Dysis
  9. Unendlich
  10. Epilog: art Zero
  11. Nocturnus I (Digipak Bonus)
  12. Nocturnus II (Digipak Bonus)



Label: Massacre Records

Score: 6/10



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