After foretelling on their second album that in the future insects will be the sole survivors of our world, Farsot have now tackled the age old juxtaposition of man and woman.

 The title is a mixup of the words ‘failure’ and ‘allure’, which symbolizes the correlation between desire and disgust, popwer and weakness, male and female. This is also strikingly rendered by the cover which features a  black and white picture of a naked woman with menacing claw like branches for arms.  The album is produced by V. Santura, whom you might recognize as part of Tryptikon, nut has also produced a number of class German acts like Secretso of the Moon or Schammasch.  On their third record the Farsot has returned somewhat to their origins of primordial Katatonia inspired black doom on steroids, although their progressive Enslaved-ish leanings from ‘Insects’ have by no means crawled back under a rock or so.   Be sure to pick up thje 2 LP/CD version as it contains an extra 20 minute ambient track called “Watertower Consipiracy” that is built upon motifs from the album itself.



  1. Vitriolic
  2. Circular Stains
  3. With Obsidian Hands
  4. Undercurrents
  5. The Antagonist
  6. A Hundred to Nothing


Label: Prophecy




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