Ghost Bath is a bit of a goofy project where you’re not really sure where they’re coming from or where they’re going.

That first bit you can actually take quite literally as by way of joke the band originally pretended to be from China wile in fact they were just a bunch of dudes from Michigan. They play a  kind of post black metal  that is quite reminiscent of the equally revered as maligned Deafhaven although they have a much more minimalistic approach that essential consists of playing the same melodic riff over and over again with blazing blastbeats in the background and the vocalist screaming his lungs out like a man possessed, yet with essentially no lyrics to convey. This takes a little getting used to as the variations sparse as they are, lie hidden deep and give you the not entirely justified impression that Ghost Bath is just a one trick pony. Each of the single phrase songs represents a parable from Jewish mythology and is accompanied by a painting that the listener should explore whilst listening to the song in question. ‘Starmourner’ is the second part of a trilogy that started out with ‘Moonlover’. Where the previous record dealt with tragedy the central motif this time is ‘ecstasy’ which is characterized by the strangely uplifting nature of the songs. In conclusion, while Ghost Bath do manage to conjure up captivating shards of sheer magic on pretty much every song, they more often than not break the spell by trying to relive that moment once too many.  


  1. Astral
  2. Seraphic
  3. Ambrosial
  4. Etherial
  5. Celestial
  6. Angelic
  7. Luminescence
  8. Thrones
  9. Elysian
  10. Cherubim
  11. Principalities
  12. Ode


Label: Nuclear Blast



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