illimitabledolor.jpgIllimitable Dolor, from Australia, have released their self-titled debut album. The band is promoted as death/doom, and indeed brings some fine funeral doom, that is reminiscent of the sound the 1990s. There is the spaciousness of The Sins of Thy Beloved (without the female vocals and violin) in the sound of Illimitable Dolor, and the depth and heaviness of early My Dying Bride.

The tracks on Illimitable Dolor are filled with woe and pain. It turns out the album was composed in the days following the death of Gregg Williamson of The Slow Death. The music sounds honest and straight from the heart.

If you enjoyed the slow and sluggish doom of the 1990s, Illimitable Dolor have all the ingredients to make you happy (or as happy as you can be while reveling in dark and depressive thoughts and feelings). If you want to hear music from the heart, full of depth and honesty, check out Illimitable Dolor as well.



1.Rail of Moon, a Stone

2.Comet Dies or Shines

3.Salt of Brazen Seas

4.Abandonned Cult of Rive


Label: Transcending Obscurity Records

Score: 8,5/10



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