When the Lyon based visual artist Fursy Teyssier decided to expand his horizons and tread his first steps into musical waters with his own project Les Discrets,  no one had expected it would resonate so strongly with so many people.

It comes as an even greater surprise now, that he has boldly veered away from his post-metal beginnings into new unexplored regions. While his previous output was significantly influenced by his likeminded label mates of Alcest, not  in the least because his longtime friend Neige was actually part of the live lineup, ‘Prédateurs’ is testament to the band’s coming of age. The teaser EP ‘Virée Nocturne” already hinted at what was to come with its Bristolesque title track. Listening to the new album now shows that has in no way created any false preconceptions as it continues this laid back trip hop like vibe.  Les Discrets have now truly become their own entity which has removed any lingering remnants of their metal origins and have fully embraced a new sound that is somehow still very recognizable in its delicate and honest intimacy. They’ll be playing the Afterburner on next week’s annual Roadburn festival and I can’t wait to see them perform these songs on the main stage of the 013.


  1. Prédateurs
  2. Virée Nocturne
  3. Les Amis de Minuit
  4. Vanishing Beauties
  5. Fleur des Murailles
  6. Le Reproche
  7. Les Jours d’Or
  8. Rue Octavio Mey
  9. The Scent of Spring Moonraker
  10. Lyon-Paris 7h34 


Label: Prophecy






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