Loathe’s debut album ‘The Cold Sun’ is an unusual beast.

This quintet from Liverpool has created something that is both accessible and complex at the same time. Loathe may look and feel like your run off the mill deathcore band, but in their hearts these guys are really a bunch of progrockers. Like any prog record worth its salt ‘The Cold Sun’ is a concept album, telling the tales of the conveniently called A and B as they make their way through a dystopian future. Does no one believe in a Federation of Planets or so anymore where we explore the galaxy as a united mankind? This post-apocalyptic world is riddled with all sorts of weird electronics that worm their way into the songs as our protagonists traverse desolate vast soundscapes or dive straight through the eye of a raging djent storm. It’s a short ride of a mere thirty five minutes, but ‘The Cold Sun’ is one hell of a futuristic musical road movie.


  1. The Cold Sun
  2. It’s Yours
  3. Dance on My Skin
  4. East of Eden
  5. Loathe
  6. 3990
  7. Stigmata
  8. U.R.P.L.E.
  9. The Omission
  10. Nothing More
  11. Never More
  12. Babylon

Label: Sharptone Records




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