Not yet come down back to Earth from their 2015 trip ‘Sonic Praise’ Philadelphia’s most stoned out sons Ecstatic Vison hit the bong one more time with ‘Raw Rock Fury’.

In the true spirit of Hawkwind this is pure psychedelic madness that is as heavy as it is stratospheric. ‘Raw Rock Fury’ is an eight step rocket that will launch you on an intergalactic voyage to the deepest regions of your own mind. When you’re already high up in the ionosphere comes the grand 3 part apotheosis “Twinklin Eye”, a mind-blowing triptych that starts out a something Iron Butterfly could have written with a swirling Hammond organ and then slowly builds up momentum on the solar wind of a jazzy sax until it hurls you faster than the speed of light far into deep space.


  1. Intro
  2. You got it or you don’t
  3. Electric Step Pt 1
  4. Electric Step Pt 2
  5. Keep it Loose
  6. Twinkling Eye Pt 1
  7. Twinkling Eye Pt 2
  8. Twinkling Eye Pt 3

 Label; Relapse




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