For anyone even remotely interested in doom metal, Scott “Wino’ Weinrich should be a household name.

As front man of the legendary Saint Vitus he pretty much pioneered the movement. Life for Wino did not begin with Vitus though. As early as 1980 he had formed an outfit called the Obsessed that was one third seventies punk, one third stoner  and one third Black Sabbath.  They did not actually get around to releasing much before he joined Vitus, but it got resurrected after Wino left the godfathers of doom which resulted in 3 classic yet hard to find albums until their second splitup in 1995.  Wino, being the musical centipede is, continued under several different guises like Spirit Caravan, Place of Skulls, The Hidden Hand and Shrinebuilder to name but a few, even reuniting with Saint Vitus at some point.  In 2011 The Obsessed got back together a third time for their performance on the renowned Roadburn festival and a few other gigs. Then last year the band officially signed to Relapse which has resulted now in their fourth full length ‘ Sacred’ after 13 years. Wino is the only one left from the original line up.  On drums  you have his long time friend Brian Constantino who was in Spirit Caravan just before they split up and then there  is Rwake bass player Reid Reily who had already temporarily joined them on the reunion show at the Maryland Death Fest in 2013. The Obsessed musical template is  sacred in itself, so you won’t find any outrageous deviations from that. This is pure, undiluted rock ‘n roll, to be drunk straight from the bottle and no ice.


  1. Sodden Jackal
  2. Punk Crusher
  3. Sacred
  4. Haywire
  5. Perseverance of Futility
  6. It’s only Money
  7. Cold Blood
  8. Stranger Things
  9. Razor Wire
  10. My Daughter My sons
  11. Be The Night
  12. Interlude
  13. On So Long ( bonus track)
  14. Crossroader Blues ( bonus track)


Label: Relapse





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