Immolation---Atonement---Artwork.jpgImmolation are back, and they are sure to blast in the door with Atonement. An album full of raw and pure energy of the best kind of dark death metal, Atonement features short tracks that pack a punch. The band is 29 years old, but they still sound fresh and hungry.

Atonement is the tenth album of Immolation, and shows that Immolation know how to write a riff that catches your attention. Dark and at times a bit melancholic, Atonement features a wide range of emotions: the slow and heavy, the fast and savage and the dark and haunting.

It's needless to write more about Atonement by Immolation: Immolation are among the leaders of the extreme metal scene – they have been in this position for a while, and with Atonement, they show that they will stay in this position for a while.



1.The Distorting Light
2.when the Jackals Come
3.Fostering the Divide
4.Rise The Heretics
5.Thrown to the Fire
6.Destructive Currents
9.Above All
10.The Power of Gods

Label: Nuclear Blast

Score: 8.5/10



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