bmm079.jpgPerhaps we are a bit biased when the royalty of the Belgian metal scene release an album, but Into the arms of darkness by “our” Marche Funebre is an excellent doom/black album.

Into the arms of darkness opens with “Deprived (into darkness)”, a track which immediately shows the strength of the band: the mildly creepy atmosphere of their music, the musical fluidity, and the strong and versatile vocals of Arne Vandenhoeck.

Going beyond the traditional realm of doom, Marche Funebre take the listeners on a journey to their emotional depths. Into the arms of darkness is an album that radiates musical maturity of the band members, and that may end up ranking high among the best doom albums of 2017.


  1. Deprived (Into Darkness)

  2. Capital of Rain

  3. Uneven

  4. Lullaby of Insanity

  5. The Garden of All Things Wild

Label: Solitude Prod

Score: 9/10


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