kingofasgard.jpg:taudr: is the fourth album of pagan metal band King of Asgard, hailing from Sweden. As expected from pagan metal, there is a combination of epic tunes and black metal influences. While :taudr: is not an album that changes the genre of pagan metal, it is an enjoyable album, with strong musicality and rich layering of sounds.

The main theme of :taudr: is death and the afterlife, which gives a nostalgic flavor to the album. As such, the feeling of :taudr: is different from your typical pagan metal songs that talk about battles and being brave and all that jazz.

The final song of the album “Upon Raging Waves” is my personal favorite, for its repeated melody and how it spins itself through the theme of the song.

To conclude King of Asgard have produced a pagan metal album :taudr: of good quality. A tad bit more nostalgic than the bulk of pagan metal, and rich in melodies, :taudr: is a strong record that will delight fans of pagan metal as well as some doomies.



  1. The curse and the wanderer

  2. Death... and a new Sun

  3. Taudr

  4. For the fury of the Norse

  5. Upon raging waves

Label: Trollmusic

Score: 8/10



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