The last thing we heard from British doomsters Imindain was their half of the ‘Bethelehem Bastarde’ split tribute to dark metal pioneers Bethlehem they made together with Ataraxie. way back in 2009.

As such it was not so representative of their own sound as there they really tried to approach those suicidal lunatic metalheads as close as possible. Stylistically, this EP continues more in the vein of their debut ‘And The Living Shall Envy The Dead’, from which it is clearly a step up both song wise and in the production which is significantly rawer now, contrary to the somewhat flat and overpolished predecessor. The sorrowful guitar leads should be ear candy for all admirers of the Peaceville Three.  This fits nicely with the vocals which veer between deep grunts and pretty decent clean singing. Special notice should also go to the subtly added keyboards which have a 80s Vangelis vibe to them.  The last song is a homage to one of the most influential death doom bands of the nineties, namely Disembowelment. Welcome back guys and don’t make us wait another 8 years for the next album.


  1. To Meditate Upon the Face of Forgotten Death
  2. The Final Godhead
  3. A Paean to the Vermin
  4. Cerulean Twilight of all My Imagined Shores (Disembowelment cover)


Label: Weird Truth


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