It’s been four years since Funeralium released their mammoth double LP ‘Deceived Idealism’.

There the French quintet took their self-styled ultra-sick funeral doom to its logical extremes. It was a huge step up from their somewhat flawed, mishap plagued self-titled debut. Their third album’Of Throes and Blight” does not only pick up where the previous record left off , but it tries to go even further with an hour and a half of tortured doom spread out across a mere four songs. These crawl along on all fours at an excruciatingly slow pace, its hands and knees torn to shreds by razor sharp shrieks that would do Bethlehem proud. Each track is a trying, agonizing experience as you drag yourself through riffs stretched out so far its tendons are about to snap, with only pounding drums and unearthly growls to whip you along. Not for vanilla lovers.


  1. Slowly we crawl towards crumbs
  2. Spit at my face, I will pluck your tongue out
  3. Vermin
  4. Vanishing once and for all


Label: Weird Truth




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