Frozen-Star_Cover_res.jpgHelalyn Flowers from Italy have released the EP Frozen Star. The EP contains the single “Frozen Star”, with 5 remixes by themselves and label mates on Alfa Matrix, as well sa two remixes of “Synthetic Paranoia” and “Karmageddon”. The signature sound of Helalyn Flowers is elektro that combines heavier guitars with undercooled electronica, resulting in a catchy and dark vibe.

Frozen Star” is the single of the upcoming album of Helalyn Flowers and it certainly is a great song for all our darker dancefloors. However, if you buy your CDs and EPs for your listening pleasure, you may find that six versions of the same track gets a bit repetitive. If, on the other hand, you buy your EPs for your work as a DJ or to make remixes, this EP offers you plenty of great material.

Frozen Star by Helalyn Flowers offers us a glimpse of the upcoming full-length album of the band. It's a promising glimpse, and I hope to hear the full album soon.



  1. 01. Frozen Star
  2. 02. Frozen Star [Byzantium version by Helalyn Flowers]
  3. 03. Frozen Star [Diffuzion RMX]
  4. 04. Frozen Star [INERTIA mix feat Reza Udhin]
  5. 05. Synthetic Paranoia [Simon Carter remix]
  6. 06. Frozen Star [Massive Ego remix]
  7. 07. Karmageddon [possessed by Entrzelle]
  8. 08. Synthetic Paranoia [altered by Venal Flesh]
  9. 09. Frozen Star [SIN.SIN remix]

Label: Alfa Matrix

Score: 7,5/10


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