Battle-Beast---Bringer-Of-Pain---Artwork_res.jpgBattle Beast from Finland have released their fourth studio album Bringer of Pain. With groovy heavy metal, Battle Beast have created a signature niche for themselves.

What can you expect on Bringer of Pain? Think Sabaton, but even more over the top and cheesier, with a big dash of 80s kitsch. The result are short, catchy songs, carried by the strong vocals of leading lady Noora Louhimo. I recognize a bit of Sinergy in the music, but the overall result is more mainstream and almost radio-friendly work.

Even though there is a lot not to like about Battle Beast and their lack of frills, the songs do really work as earcatchers. Listen to a song of Battle Beast once, and chances are you'll be humming it a few hours later. They are that catchy.

If you want some pretentionless fun, and a great live show, Battle Beast are the band you need to check out. If you think a party metal band like Sabaton is already too far, then don't go for Bringer of Pain, since Battle Beast are a few levels of cheesiness more than Sabaton.



  1. Straight To The Heart
  2. Bringer Of Pain
  3. King For A Day
  4. Beyond The Burning Skies
  5. Familiar Hell
  6. Lost In Wars
  7. Bastard Son Of Odin
  8. We Will Fight
  9. Dancing With The Beast
  10. Far From Heaven

Label: Nucear Blast

Score: 8/10



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