Arduini-Balich-Cover_res.jpgArduini/Balich is, as the name suggests, a collaboration between Victor Arduini of Fates Warning and Brian “Butch” Balich of Argus, and also includes drummer Chris Judge. The result of this collaboration is a strange crossover of doom and prog, which is called “doom laden progressive wall of metal” by their label.

While the idea of Dawn of Ages is to span the vastness of human emotion, it is not always an equally balanced album. At some points, the collaboration between Arduini and Balich really works and creates an interesting fusion. Unfortunately, at many points during the album, it sounds like both gentlemen are doing their own thing without agreeing upon a direction they want to take. And overall, there seems to be no underpinning thought for the entire album.

To conclude: Arduini/Balich is an interesting concept, exploring the crossover between doom metal and prog. Where this fusion works, it is refreshing, deep, enthralling, and fascinating. Dawn of Ages has its very bright moments of genius. Sadly, on only a few occasions on the album Dawn of Ages do the two musicians reach this deep fusion, and on most other cases it sounds as if each of them is lost in his own universe..



  1. The Fallen (10:06)
  2. Forever Fade (6:09)
  3. Into Exile (11:37)
  4. The Wraith (13:44)
  5. Beyond The Barricade (17:27)
  6. The Gates Of Acheron (3:38)
  7. Sunrise (Uriah Heep - Cover) - LP BONUS TRACK (4:06)
  8. Wolf Of Velvet Fortune (Beau Brummels - Cover) - LP BONUS TRACK (4:58)
  9. After All (The Dead) (Black Sabbath - Cover) - LP BONUS TRACK (6:42)

Label: Cruz del Sur Music

Score: 7,5/10


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