pestifer-cover-art-500px.jpgPestifer, hailing from Portugal, have released their debut album Execretion Diatribes. According to their promo text, Execretion Diatribes is the album death metal has been waiting for since the beginning of the century. It borrows heavily from Hell Awaits, Morbid Visions, I.N.R.I. and Black Force Domain.

In borrowing heavily from albums that perhaps are more death/thrash than pure death metal, Pestifer may not be exactly the new sound of death metal. In addition, by recreating the sound of the 1980s, Pestifer do not bring much new elements to the scene.

To sum it up, Pestifer are honoring their favorite albums on Execretion Diatribes, but they have not managed to create a sound of their own. Yes, they sound evil and filthy, but at the same time, they sound a bit outdated. Execretion Diatribes is not the album that will shock the death metal scene to its core.



1. March of the Dead Orchestra
2. Mars Exult
3. Brutal Eruption of Chaos
4. Dark Dimensions
5. Enslavement of God
6. Awaken by Death
7. Nothing Remains
8. Riding the Storms of Hate MMXVI
9. Confront Death


Label: Lavadome Productions

Score: 6/10



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