Alunah’s modest output may have gone somewhat unnoticed amongst Albion’s  more heavyweight luninaries, but let’s hope that changes with their fourth album ‘Sollennial’.

Freshly signed to Svart ,they are in good company at least. Although they do have that occult tinge and the fact that they’ve got a girl behind the mic, they don’t really fit into the retrodoom niche that Jess & the ancient Ones and Blood Ceremony for instance occupy. They are significantly more British thant that with even some ol’ Paradise Lost seeping through next to the mandatory Wizard references. Sophie Day steals the show with her hypnotic voice soothing the throbbing riffs. Special notice should go to their doomified take on the Cure classic “A Forest”. I’ve heard quite a few covers of this by now, but this is the first doom version I must say.


  1. The Dying Soil
  2. Light of Winter
  3. Feast of Torches
  4. The Reckoning of Time
  5. Fire of Thornborough Henge
  6. Petrichor
  7. Lugh’s Assembly
  8. A Forest

Label: Svart



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