Unlike Japan China isn’t exactly known for spawning a lot of metal bands.

In fact, I can hardly think of any from the top of my hat. The one exception to that is Hyponic who for the past fifteen years have created some prime left field examples of funeral doom. Stylistically they play a more minimalistic ambient version of Esoteric with remarkably short run lengths. This type of music usually goes on and on way past the 20 minute mark, but here the songs are invariably over after five or six minutes. Vocals are sparse in between the experimental psychedelic structures. As a closer they’ve included a cover of avant-garde metal outfit Virus, who they should feel artistically connected to. Personally, I wouldn’t have minded if some of the songs have had a little bit more body to them as now the tracks always seem to end just when it’s getting really interesting. However, there’s really nothing like Hyponic out there in China or anywhere else in the world for that matter.


  1. 前行者
  2. 誅滅零八
  3. 最後陳述
  4. 寧劈不回
  5. 飄流
  6. Intro

Label: Weird Truth Productions





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