Next to treating us to  the finest of extreme doom with the likes of Profetus, Mournful Congregation and Ataraxie on his label Weird Truth , Makoto Fujishima  also fronts his own band,  Funeral Moth.

Their debut ‘Dense Fog’ was an excellent piece of funeral doom that accentuated by Mournful Congregation’s Justin Hartwig on one of the tracks. The follow up ‘Transience’ features their new bass player Ryo Amamiya and leans a bit more towards a progressive style. The tranquil serene cover is something you might expect sooner on a Pink Floyd or an Anathema record and that’s primarily where the new influx comes from. The two lengthy compositions , “Transience” and “Lost” are still incredibly slow examples of extreme doom, but it isn’t all obfuscated in dense funeral fog anymore. The album is allowed to breathe. Even though they continue to follow a minimalist approach the songs cover a lot more ground than you would have expected from them before. Classy.





Label: Weird Truth Productions




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