Miss May I is a metalcore band that has released it’s fifth album ‘Shadows Inside’. Not much has changed since the first album. It’s still an awesome combination between clean vocals and screams through the songs which gives you a perfect balance between melodic parts and heavy guitar riffs. They did change their label from Rise records to Sharptone Records. A label that produces more ‘heavier’ metal genres while Rise records produces more punk/hardcore stuff. 

Dark times can be blinding, can be destructive, but there’s also a future light. Don’t live in the past but in the future. You can’t hide from yourself. you have to find your soul first before you can battle the shadows. Don’t give up, even if life’s tough on you. Answer this question: will you be saved, or do you choose to save yourself? A message that’s well explained on the album cover. The band logo statue being you, the ands around it being darkness that’s threatening to devour you if you don’t stand up. 



01 Shadows Inside

02 Under Fire

03 Never Let Me Stay

04 My Destruction

05 Casualties

06 Crawl

07 Swallow Your Teeth

08 Death Knows My Name

09 Lost in the Grey

10 My Sorrow


Label: Sharptone Records




Read more ... The first thing that comes to mind after you put on this album is… Wow… The album overwhelms you with pure energy already from the first song ‘This is Goodbye’. This sets the mood for the rest of the album.

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Domino is the latest album by Sinheresy, a female fronted metal band from Italy. Sinheresy were formed at the end of the glory days of female fronted metal, and are clearly influenced by Evanescence, Within Temptation, and Nightwish.

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