Een paar dagen geleden mocht ik de trotse eigenaar zijn van een heel interessant mailtje in mijn inbox. Een gloednieuw en exclusief evenement gaat België compleet verrassen. De poorten naar het rijk van de nachtwezens zijn geopend! De vraag is, ben jij er klaar voor?

"Dear friend,
This is a personal invitation for our exclusive noble blood vampire ball, Danse Macabre, that will be held on Saturday December 3, 2011. The location is a wonderful, neogothic chapel in the centre of Ghent, Belgium.

Once again we open the portals to another world, this time you are welcome to enter the realm of the Undead...

Due to the nature and specific conditions of this theme, we can only allow access to vampires of the true and noble blood.
Invitations for access will be presented by us to members of the clan only.

Tickets are 40 euro, which include FREE DRINKS until midnight!
We are happy to announce that Master Fangsmith Father Sebastiaan of the Sabretooth clan will be one of our special guests. You can also expect some members of the Blood Squad, dressed in outfits by the famous corset maker Jeroen van der Klis.

Do you want to be initiated? Keep an eye on our websites."


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