mixedvisions.jpgThe countdown has been announced to the 15th Electro & Industrial top 100 by Mixed Visions. In order to celebrate this they started to recap the 14th edition at the start of this year(2017).

Number 100 of that list comes Nitzer Ebb's Join In The Chant(Burn)








The new E & I top 100 party will be held at January 27th. This is a slight deviation of last year's. Which was on 24 February. 

We have many organisations out there in the underground world of metal, gothic and dark electronic music. too many to count even with 5 hands. One of them is Mixed Vision, originally based in Brasschaat, Belgium from 1996 till 2009. They decided to reboot their efforts in 2015 and move their base to the Legendary club De Aalmoezenier in Antwerp. Thus filling the void Vampire Party left behind after their shutdown. They plan regular events over the year such as their Halloween party among others. All in the realms of Dark Electro, EBM and industrial. 


More info & regular updates can be found at their facebook page.

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