Grimmforlife.pngOur friends and colleagues of Grimm Gent organize a charity event for "De Warmste Week"

For those of you who don't know "De Warmste Week" yet. This one of the biggest charity events in Belgium. Yearly organized by radio Studio Brussel. They host a large collection of separate charity organization from which you can choose. Anyone can set up an action to support one of those.

This year Grimm has chosen Inter Events. This is a organization that empowers disabled people to attend concerts and festivals in Belgium. It also fosters awareness for the many hurdles they have to overcome while attending. And helps festivals to help them overcome those hurdles. They do this by offering practical solutions to these challenges . 

Grimm opens its doors on 22 and 23 December with a big jenever bar. A dj will play the music the public requests. Those requests will take 1 euro out of your wallet for your favorite metal or rock song.

Anyone who has been to big festivals has already seen the wheelchair stages that are reserved for disabled people. So lets support this fantastic cause!

More info can be found on the Grimm facebook or the event page.


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