fleddymelculy.jpgMaanrock is a yearly free city festival in the nice city of Mechelen. Malines for the French people. They cater to all audiences with family friendly artists, dj's,  rockbands and occasionally something from our wide range of heavier iron wares. This year they have chosen for Fleddy Melculy.

For those who don't know them. We have provided a little write-up and brief summary in our Spotlight section. But this is fun guaranteed. They are a rising star in the Belgium local scene and are known to kick serious stage ass.  And it will be interesting to see how the evening goes. For those longterm darkview readers out there, they might still remember Mechelen's encounter with Diablo boulevard. Diablo blvd was delivering an amazing show and we where all partying very hard. Unfortunately some bystanders or residents thought something violent was going on. And they called the police who shut the show down not once but 2-3 times. needless to say we were not amused and there were some gutsy anarchist punkers among us who defied the crowdsurf ban. The whole crowd in general was defiant and kept standing to have the show going again. A very strange night to watch.

This year we will again be present and ready to party hard. Lets hope they have learned this past 5 years. you can read everything here afterwards. We keep you posted!


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