la-voix-5-louis-paul-gauvreau.pngWe have seen a few metal appearances on national tv network's over the years. A previous one also in France(we were still writing dutch back then). Now the french do it again but up the ante one more level. An audition candidate from La Voix(The voice France) blew the jury's minds with a neck breaking deathmetal cover. 

The auditioning metalhero is called Louis-Paul Gauvreau and he covers Stabwound from Necrophagist. I had to look that up on Wikipedia. Necrophagist is a German technical death metal band, founded and fronted by guitarist and vocalist Muhammed Suiçmez. The band is known for its rapid and technical compositions. 
There you go, straight from the depths of the heavy underground scene, right on French national tv. I can imagine all those old folks checking their hearing aids because they get blown away by this metal fury. 

Whats more amazing is the female jury member's response and the fact that the studio band managed to play this live. Soo far out of their comfort zone. A real hands down to the live band. They did an amazing job! 






And this will blow your mind even more, he made it trough the battles and even survived the quarter finals!  The female jury is Isabelle Boulay, a gorgeous sexy redhead singer from Canada who pulled him trough. She apparently has a history of listening to death metal in her teens. According to french commenters Louis-Paul even made the semi's but i cannot verify that. Check out the quarter finale vid below. 



Isabelle, we so love you for giving us this amazing moment. We salute you and keep your horns up girl!  

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