evilinvadersdenied.jpgMany bands have been denied entry in country's before. Many got even outright banned. Evil Invaders joins a long list of Metal bands today. Somehow this trend has been picking up specifically with bands wanting to play in good old 'Murica.

Evil Invaders was sheduled to their very first USA festival ever in Milwaukee on April 22nd. Everything was in place and in exchange for covering all costs, they would play for free. 

On arrival they passed trough customs with half the band and the other half got stuck in a strange turn of events. It is always fuzzy when dealing with visa's and permits and the like. And not often they get withdrawn and your stuck in a hard place. 

The band was called back inside while still on the airport and all equipment got confiscated and the members jailed for 24h in a monitored cell. Only to afterwards be released and being put back on the next flight to Belgium. 

Read everything on the bands page as they talk about the details. In the mean time, they will be attending the famous Antwerp Metal fest. I think americans hate it when Europeans come to school them with much better bands. 

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