clivestanden.pngWho does not like or love the Vikings tv series? Raidparty's with Lagertha and Ragnar against Paris and Mercia. Bloodshedding and lots of big strong dudes in bare chested attires swinging axes. The past 4 years it has been a top series among metal heads and other people alike. 

And then we got our own Belgium celtic festival called Trolls & Legends. So what do these 2 have in common? Rollo will be a guest of honor for both Saturday and Sunday. Say what?! Yes Clive Standen will come to Belgium in person! 

When will this go down? Very early, in fact. T&L happens from April 14th till April 16th. 

Aside from side animation like markets, stands and the main attraction(Rollo) there are also bands performing. Yes i know its unimportant side info after i told you this. But these guy's will be playing at T&L:

-14/04: Naheulband (f), Magoyond (f), The Dolmen (uk)
-15/04: Korpiklaani (fi), Rastaban replugged (b), Skeptical Minds (b), Ithilien (b)
-16/04: Wardruna (no), Acus Vacuum (b), Karolina Pacan (pl), Hano-ah (b)


Oh yea, I almost forgot Adrian Smith, Fiona McIntosh, Christophe Arleston, Jean-Luc Istin are coming too. Sorry, i was intimidated by some Viking...


What does this cost? Well they have a rather complex ticketing skeme so i suggest you check out

more info on their facebook or the official website

May Odin be on your side!

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