homeless-robzombie.jpgThis one is rather funny. World press was witness to an apparant homeless man crashing the Oscar's red carpet.

Immediatly after security details noticed the man walking up the red carpet. The security of nearby stars removed their clients such as Leonardo Di Caprio and Lady Gaga from the scene in the middle of their ongoing interviews. Off to a secure location nearby.

Many people reported on a man who was allegedly bypassing security. Something which is almost impossible on the Oscars as most guarded red-carpet event in the world. 

While he casually wandered on the red carpet. A team of security people rushed in to take him down and remove him from camera's sight.
I bet sponsors won't be too happy about this. When he was worked against the floor, a packet of Marlboro cig's fell from the man's pocket. Strangely he didn't appear to resist the security efforts. But he could be heard yelling “dig through the ditches and burn through the witches — I slam in the back of my dragula!”

Some people nearby began gossiping about being possessed. Which did not help the scene unfolding. The homeless man being contained was actually Rob Zombie. A man any of us metalheads and dark minded people will recognized from miles away. He's a noted (horror)film director and a living legend in the metalworld.  

His appearance is in extreme stark contrast compared to the regular red carpet garments, as you might have guessed it. It's the proverbial black sheep between A-list tuxedo's and elaborate dressed.

As soon as Security identified him as such, they profusely apologized themselves. However they were unable to further communicate with the man. As he was shouting lyricks from his  1998 hit Dragula.


source: heaviermetal.net

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