heatwave.jpgSummer has arrived, big time. Staying up late and enjoying a nice fresh pint of beer. Or enjoying the sun during the day, some icecream.
This is wat sumertime looks like. Europe has had warm temperature's for a week now. But since monday Earth has descided to turn up the heat big time.


In large parts of europe a heatwave alarm has been announced since this monday. Sporting minimum temperatures of at least 28. And from thursday till saturday we expect a scorching 35 minimum in many parts of the continent. Some say we'll even touch or pass 40 briefly. Now thats not so nice anymore. Infact its quite dangerous. Especially for childeren, old people and animals. In the past we've summed up ways to keep you cool. but we'll gladly summarise them again. Especially for us metalheads and gothic people these times can be extra hard. 

Refresh your house in the morning.

Open your windows in the early morning. You'll bring in the fresh cool air that can keel your house cool. This is really important later on as it gets warmer. At around 9h-10h you can close your windows. As from then on the temperature will climb steadily. Why only in the morning? Especially when you are in a city, buildings store heat in their stones and walls. This is only released when the sun goes down, heating up the air a second time. So for max effect, get up early and open the windows on your north and west side. This'll create a draft that freshens your house. 

waterhose.jpgAirco and windmills keep cool
they are a great way to circulate air and keep it moving. Moving air is colder and can transport heat away from you. Especially if the air is cooled by airco devices. Another neat trick is to place a bucket of water with ice in front of the windmill. The ice cools the air above it and is then blown around your house. fill a plantspray with water and put it in your fridge. you'll be happy to spray some freshness on your face and body. this in combination with windmills can refresh you in no time!

If you can spray the walls of your house with water after the sun sets. This takes away the heat from your house and keeps it cool while you sleep. 

Take care of your pets
We love our pets, and taking care of them is important. Its hot for them too!  Always provide a cold bowl of water for them to drink. If needed put ice cubicles in them. Provide places for them to hide from the heat and see they stay in the shade.  If you can, spray them with water or let them plunge in the swimming pool. Especially dogs love that! The concrete of streets and pavement can burn your animal's paws. If you can, refrain from walking your pet during the afternoon. The warmest part is between 2 and 5. And mind the stored heat radiation in the evening! It goes for streets and pavement too!

General coolness tips
Young and old people, and people with a frail health should stay inside during peak heat! If you work in the office and your afraid of your car turning into an oven. Park it under a large bridge or viaduct. Go to your work early to get the best spots! Thei'll provide you with shade during a good portion of the day. Also fruits like watermelon are yummy in this heat. And please, i know its hard but refreain from drinking beer as much as possible. It dehydrates your body and hits 5 times as fast in this kind of heat. 

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