Due to the ever changing nature of the social media world. And to counter unforseen circumstances. We have decided to adopt and change our social media presence and the way we approach the big social media sites. 

Thus we have morphed our facebook friend profile into a Fanpage wich allows us to have many brand focussed benifits. While retaining our communication with you. 

And next, we now have a Pinterest profile. For the ones that havent heared of this website, its a unique morphing of social media fun. You can post pictures or links to websites to the site. Wich get displayed in a wall or billboad like fashion. The site differs drasticly from facebook but offers some of the short message fun of Twitter in a graphical way.

Those of you who've visited us the last 2 weeks have already seen the change being reflected in our widget "check us out @". 

Our new social links can be found there.

And for completeness we've listed them here too:




Come party with us and have loads of fun!


The Darkview team

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