darkview-kicks-ass.pngYes whoa what is this? Look at it, so shiny! Its like its a brand-new creation by the Darkview Crew! Woa such awesomeness!


Yes you noticed it. We have a brand spanking new website here at Darkview. And our webmaster has worked feverishly on it the past few months -thank you for that-. Aside from a very big upgrade behind the screens, yet again. There have been groundbreaking changes on the forefront. With our first big redesign in perhaps 3 years. 

Our site is now completely mobile friendly. Which means it is visible on any screen, going from a small smartphone over to tablets to big-ass 22inch desktop monitors. Aside from all the boring technical aspects and innovations we basicly redesigned our site from scratch. 

So this means some things are not on their usual location. one of them meaning the submenu's, which have been moved towards the bottom. So the general structure is accessible from above, the divisions from below. 

Whoever wants to discover the other changes, go out and explore!

Being such massive rework, it also means a few errors might occasionally pop up. In such cases you can report them trough our contact form or Facebook. And wait till our crew solves them as soon as possible.

Thank you all! keep those horns up and keep supporting us! \m/ Rock on!

The Darkview Team

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