So you have this whole string of metalbands who see many wrongs. And there are most definitely hundreds more bands that do this too. But these are the most notable and popular ones. Some bands take it a small step further and base their repertoire around ecological ideologies. And here we delve into the dark obscure world of black & death metal. Stereotyped as a hotbed of satanic, occult and hellraising fury as the genre was known for during their popularity explosion. This was not often true. It started out as a more introvert bleak melancholic view of humanity trampling over nature, religion and things like that. It grew into satanic goat slaughtering. But an understream developed of more serious bands raising awareness around ecology and nature. And inspiring action on that awareness. One of them is French pride Gojira. They are growling two decades about the planet's impending environmental collapse. 


wolves_in_the_throne_room.jpegOther Green” black metal bands include Wolves in the Throne Room, from Washington; Velvet Cacoon and Agalloch, both from Oregon; self-declared “eco-metal” band Avakr, from Indiana; and Panopticon, from Kentucky. And they feel they have more than enough reason to mourn the slow death of our environment at the hands of profit-driven interests.

Some are even coining new names for this kind of ecologically driven metal fury. Dark Eco Metal, Green Metal(no kidding, especially after you consider Dark Metal, Black metal Unwhite metal, etc) or Environ Metal. These are all very young deep underground bands so this might be the start of a complete new genre. Much like we saw the rise of the pagan/viking genre 2 decades ago. Some bands even take very hardline positions. 


heaven-shall-burn-20141018072811.jpg“If you listen to black metal, but don’t know what phase the moon is in, or what wildflowers are blooming, then you have failed,” said drummer Aaron Weaver of Washington’s Wolves in the Throne Room. The band takes a hardline approach toward the need for environmental conscientiousness through music.

There's this band, Cherem, there also Oi Polloi, you could try Deadlock, Heaven Shall Burn, and indirectly SOAD. Did you know that they printed their last 2 CDs in recycled paper and with vegetal ink? Also supposedly, Queensrÿche's album The Warning is about the destruction of the environment through mankind's reliance on technology.

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