altNaar aanleiding van hun nieuwe cd ''Green Machine Laser Beam'' kregen we de kans een interview te doen met Hannes die de gitaar en vocals verzorgd in de band. Aan de hand van een paar vragen stellen wij dan ook de band Prophecy23 aan jullie voor.

Hey guys, first of all I want to congratulate you with your album, I love it. But it has been out for a few months now, how are other people reacting to it?

We feel great about the release! The first reactions of our fans and the press were very positive! The record even made it on position 18 of the German EMP Top 100 Album Charts – we’re totally blown away by this feedback! We just feel like partying after all this hard work for the record - I think our rehearsal room needs to be reconstructed after all those happenings during the last weeks...

I have to admit I didn’t really know about you guys until this album, did you get a lot of new fans with this album?

GREEN MACHINE LASER BEAM is our second official record released by Massacre Records. At the moment we can’t exactly say how many records are sold right now. But we have a fast growing fanbase on facebook ( ) and youtube. And wee can feel it at our shows, there are more and more cool metalheads, that knows our songs and lyrics.  We played a lot of live shows the last 2 years among others at the Wacken Open Air and many other great festivals. I think most of the fans we have gained from our live shows.

I looked up some of your previous records and noticed that you always seem to take 2 years between releases, is it intentional that you guys take some time between new albums or does it just always turn out this way?

First of all we love to play live shows - that's what we feel called to do. So we've been touring around and we've been playing all kinds of gigs. From little club shows through to big open air festivals like the Wacken Open Air. Some crazy experiences during our tour inspired us for the new record. That's why I think the two years were just a perfect period of time.

How did the prophecy²³ start out?

We started The Prophecy 23 when we were teenagers and we played Slayer, Maiden, Metallica and Black Sabbath cover songs. There have been several line-up changes during the history of The Prophecy 23 but we’ve always known each other for a while and this was pretty important to us. The Prophecy 23 is more than music – we are also five friends who want to have a great time before and especially after every show. You can’t play beer-pong on your own…

When you write music is it a more band-oriented process or is there someone in the band who writes the songs more or less alone?

All songs are written by the real life. The lyrics are written on the road or at parties ("No Beer - What A Mess"). All the parts are thrown together at our rehearsal room and each member contributes to the songwriting.

I don’t recall you ever playing in Belgium before, do you prefer playing in Germany or are you guys planning to do something for the rest of Europe ( or even the world) too?

Currently we are checking some offers for a tour through Europe with our booking agency but we are a small band and it's hard. We would really like to play in Belgium and the rest of this world!


This is your second release with massacre records, looks like you guys are pretty satisfied with them?

Definitely! Everybody at Massacre Records does an awesome job and those guys still really care about music. Out of the blue they offered us a record deal - reasons enough that Massacre Records rocks...

If you have to give me one major difference between into the pit and green machine laser beam what would it be?

‘…To The Pit’ is like a ‘Best of’ of the early years of the band. Some songs on this album were written in the very beginning of The Prophecy 23. This record showed both where we came from and the development of the band. You can find similarities in things like humorous and action-loaded songs that are sometimes fast and sometimes groovy. But the new record features a lot more influences than the debut album. Some "bree bree"-vocals or a bluesy jazz-part make "Green Machine Laser Beam" much more varied.

What bands are your biggest influences?

It’s really hard to name just a few bands because we were and we are still influenced by many kinds of music. The Prophecy 23 is influenced by Thrash, Death and Party Metal. Our music is action-loaded, sometimes fast, sometimes groovy, party-proven and always
combined with a good sense of humor. You will find a sound somewhere
between Bay Area Thrash with skater attitude and a little bit of old
school Hardcore and Death. Mixed with modern influences and a neon green
spirit. That’s it.

I’d like to thank you for your time and wish you good luck with the new album. You really deserve it and I’m looking out to see you in Belgium sometime.

Thank you too, we love online magazines as for their work straight from the szene.

Thank you for your time.

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