dustbolt.jpgTo celebrate their first Napalm Records release. And also because we are so very curious about their thoughts on it. We decided to have a little chat. Dust bolt was more than happy to answer our questions.

1. First of all I would like to ask you how you came up with your band name? It's surprisingly - and quite literally - soft when you compare it to the more typical thrash metal band names out there!

Hi! Haha yes you´re right..actually it´s hard to describe how we came up with the name but it was about 2 or 3 years ago when we decided to have a new band name and started thinking of something new. It´s hard today to find a new name and we realized that nearly every cool name was already used by another band. But one day we came up with the word “Dust” which we really liked and we started playing with the word and someone of us just said “dust bolt” and every one of us was silent because it had something special. We actually didn´t knew what exactly, but I think there is a special power in the name and lots of space for interpretation and that´s what we liked!

2. In 2011 you won the Wacken Metal Battle. What was that like? Now that you're presenting your first full album, will you be playing at Wacken again in 2013? Are their other festivals on your wishlist?

Playing in Wacken 2011 was one of our greatest moments so far! I think nearly every band dreams of playing there one day and that it happened that early was unbelievable! It was a great experience and it really helped the band, concerning people´s and media´s attention on Dust Bolt. I can´t say if we´re playing Wacken again next year at the moment, but we signed with a great booking agency only a few weeks ago and we´re planning to do many many festivals in 2013!! We can´t wait for it! There are so many great Festivals around in Germany for example and we´d just love to play them all!

3. There are rumors of a European tour being planned for this winter, could give us some more details already?

Haha I´d wish I could do, but actually no ;-) We´re into to plan the last details and business stuff for the tour and it won´t take long anymore until I can tell the secret  hopefully :-)

4. There seem to be some death metal-influences in the album as well. Is that just a coincidence, or is that your way of paying tribute to certain bands you yourself admire?
Do you plan on fusing thrash with other metal genres as well in the future? Is that perhaps what will become your signature sound?

Oh yes we always try to stay open for other influences of course, as far as our band members listen to lots of different styles of music and metal too, apart from Thrash. But I think Thrash and Death metal go in one hand, especially in the old school days. So I´m big fan of Death, Pestilence, Possessed or Obituary for example and you can sometimes hear that a bit in our music too of course! We just started writing new material for the next album and yes, I think there´ll maybe be even some more death metal influences in some parts but in general Dust bolt will stay Thrash, because that´s just the thing we love most and we´re totally into!!

5. After the initially planned tour with Six Feet Under got cancelled in 2010, you eventually did manage to join them on the "Wake the night" - tour 2011. What was it like to be on the road with them, performing for so many people?

I don´t lie if I see it was one of the best times I had in my life so far!! It was the first time being on tour for us and we had the luck to travel in a big Nightlinertourbus with other great guys and bands and we just enjoyed playing a show each night and coming to different places and countries every day! We totally realized, that´s what we want to do and I can´t wait for the next tour! There´s just nothing more important for us than playing live!!

6. What are your plans now that the first album is a fact? Are you already thinking of the second album, or are there any other projects you would first want to work on?

Yes, we´re already planning the first steps for our next album which will probably be released in 2013 even! Reactions on our Debut album Violent Demoltion have been so great, that it now feels like we have lots of  tailwind for the second one and I think people can expect something very very cool ;-)

7. Thrash metal has been around since the 80's, but a lot of people are getting to know it just now because of the more recent revival of the genre. For those music lovers out there who are still new to this particular scene, do you have any bands you would recommend to them, old and new, aside from yourself?

There are so many Thrash Metal bands, old and new, that are totally underrated and unknown unfortunately! It´s very had to name certain bands! I spend lots of time exploring new music and bands I didn´t know so far. At the moment I think I´d name Bonded by blood and Violator as an example, but we have also great upcoming bands in Germany, too, like Toxic Waltz e.g. They are from the same valley we come from and kind of our best dudes! But generally speaking I just can say, go out to small club shows and support young bands and the local scene and buy  a shirt maybe so that the band is able to keep playing and drive to their next show..because every great band started small and would be still nothing, if they haven´t had the support from the fans in their beginning days!

Thank you for your time

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