Een tijdje geleden reviewden we al het nieuwste album van Shaved Women. Naar aanleiding hiervan kregen we ook de kans om de band te interviewen. Wat Ben en Chris van Shaved Women te zeggen hadden lees je hieronder !

1. Can you tell us a bit about how Shaved Women came to be?

Ben - Shaved Women started in the fall of 2009.

The original line up was Chris-Guitar, John-Bass, Erik-Drums, and Ben-Vocals. The four of has had all recently become available after our previous bands had broken up. We decided to start a band that was not similar to our previous bands or like anything else going on in St. Louis at the time. After about a year Erik quit to focus on playing guitar in Sweet Tooth and Tom joined soon after.

2. Why did you name the band Shaved Women, or where did your inspiration come from to name the band?

Chris - The name is a reference to Nazi occupied France. If a woman was suspected of helping the Nazis, her head was shaved in public and then taken through the town so people could yell and usually throw garbage at her for what she may or may not have done.

3. For our readers that don't know Shaved Women, can you tell us about who you are, what you stand for and what we can expect from your music?

Ben - Shaved Women are four distinct individuals with diverse tastes coming together to create a cohesive sound. I wouldn't say that as a unit we take a stance on much of anything. I do my best to keep politics and current events out of our music and focus on universal experiences and emotions. A Listener should expect from our music a blend of hardcore and noise rock.

4. Your music reminds me of the early hardcore days, with bands like for example; Black Flag. Is it safe to say they influenced you in some way?

Ben - While Black Flag is certainly an influence, the later albums in particular, we are mostly influenced by bands that were outliers in the early hardcore scene. By this I mean bands like Flipper, No Trend, Drunks With Guns, Scratch Acid, and Jesus Lizard.

Chris - Yes. The bands I like to steal from are hardcore bands like Black Flag (my favorite band), noise rock bands like The Jesus Lizard and other AmRep bands, and the slower, uglier 80s bands like Drunks With Guns, Flipper, and Stick Men With Ray Guns.

5.Tell us a bit more about your self titled album. Where did you get your inspiration for the songs?

Ben - As I only work on the lyrics I can't directly say where the musical inspiration came from.

However i can say that St. Louis has a particularly angry and nihilistic vibe. I feel this comes through in our music as it came through in bands from St. Louis past like Drunks With Guns and Dazzling Killmen. Lyrical inspiration came from Addiction, Withdrawal, Depression, and Anger.

Chris – From a musical standpoint, the inspiration mostly comes from the influences listed above. I remember at the time those songs were written, I was also listening to a lot of punk bands from Tampa, Florida at the time. Bands like Cult Ritual, Slavescene, and Neon Blud.

6. There's also some live songs on the album, where and how were these recorded?

Ben - The live tracks on the CD version of our album were originally release as a small run Cassette on Sacred Tapes. As the title says it was record live at Apop records in St. Louis. Apop is an independent record store that does its best to support the underground scene in St. Louis and elsewhere. Apop has done a lot to support our band and will soon be releasing a 7" for us. The songs were recorded on a shitty tape deck in the back of the room by Luc "St. Louis" Michalski.

7. How was your experience recording this album?

Ben - The experience recording this album was the best I had had recording up until that point. We have found someone in Jason Hutto that is both easy and pleasant to deal with. On top of this he understands our music and does a great job recordings us.

Chris - Jason has been my favorite person to record with, don’t really see us recording with anyone else in the near future.

8. So what's next for Shaved Women? Is there a tour lined up, or possibly new songs being written for a new album?

Ben - At the moment we are writing songs for a future release. Hopefully we will be able to tour at some point in the near future.

Chris – The songs we are currently writing are planned to be another LP. Hopefully that could happen sometime next year.

9. Lastly, any word to our readers? Can we expect to see you pass through Belgium sometime?

Ben - Thanks for your interest and support. With any luck we will be able to play Belgium one day. Maybe we could play with Agathocles and I'll be able to check an experience off my list.

Thank you for your time


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