Cover MorseEen paar dagen geleden brachten we jullie al de review van het album van Mörse. Naar aanleiding hiervan kregen we ook de kans om de mannen van Mörse een paar vragen te stellen. Wat ze te zeggen hadden lees je hieronder !

1.First of all, Mörse is still a fairly new band, can you tell us and our readers who you are and what we can expect from you?

Clément (guitar) : Mörse is a punk/HxC band that consists of 5 guys in their late 20's (or early 30's...) trying to act like youngsters by playing noisy stuff. You can expect from us, I guess, an amazing mix between typical epic crust riffs and sorta heavy stoner guitar parts with sexy/glam chorus to dance to!

Or, maybe just some rock'n roll made of sincerity, obscure french lyrics and way too much distortion.

2. How did the band Mörse come to be? What was the initial plan when you guys came together?

Our singer (Rémi) and I came to think we had spent to much time without playing since our last band (Eva-01) and felt like we needed to be more than silly human beings with guitars and amps at home, dreaming of the time we were sweating on stage. We called our ex-guitarist Tim and and said : “okay, wanna try something new?” After explaining that we were not talking about sexual stuff, we decided that we had to get back together. As he plays in another band with a drummer who listens to punk, it was easy to make him join us too. Denis (bass) was the last one to find.

About some kind of initial plan, we could say that even if we began really slowly we considered Mörse as a serious project, where we could create together and avoid to all end bored to death on a couch!

3. Your self titled EP is your first record. Can you tell us more about what it's about? Where did you get your inspiration for it?

First of all, I would say that all the songs are a strange meeting between Tim's guitar and my words. The record is about the fact that sometimes it feels like you're not not the main protagonist of your own life. You try to make things happen but your acts appear, at first, useless. But, I also try to explain my own view of religion, maybe more in a gnosist way : sometimes we're just fools but maybe we have to find more in ourselves and try to be our own God. We don't care about dogmatism but we don't want to act as a punk cliché. Maybe am I a bit influenced by my job as a Psychologist or by what irritates me (homophobia, religious wars, cult of personnality and politics...). We're not nihilists but pro-hedonism with personnal issues!

4. What bands do you personally like? Did they influence Mörse in any way?

I would say Converge, Trap Them, Unkind, Gallows, a lot of Deathwish bands (is it really a big surprise?). Stuff like Mastodon, Red Fang, a bit of screamo (mostly 90's and early 2000's bands), of post-rock and also some black-metal cause I feel like I am evil inside, just like Aleyster Crowley! Even if I mostly listen to Chopin at home, all of those previous bands influence Mörse in a certain way. And I have to admit that I drive my friends crazy because I am clearly too much fan of Kurt Ballou's productions...

5. Your music is described as a match between punk/hardcore and heavy stoner. What made you decide to throw stoner in the mix ?

We love to play epic riffs but when we started the band, it became an evidence that we needed to be more than a generic neo-crust band. We wanted to inject heavy guitar parts, a bit of rock'n roll and non-screamed chorus: it's sometimes like we wanna be heavy metal musicians (you know, for the groupies) but with a punk uniform!

We don't to become a true doom/stoner band but we wanna keep on becoming heavier, maybe darker but with our own flavour to try to stand out of the pack!

6. So this summer you did a tour through Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and France. Was this your first tour? And what was it like to be on the road?

Yes, it was our very first tour as Mörse even if we played outside of France with our previous bands. We have to admit that the “Déterioration Tour” was a bit “out of this world”! We played with such amazing bands : Loma Prieta, Oathbreaker, Birds in Row, Graf Orlock, Autarkeia, Panzram, Sailing On, Kabul Golf Club... It was a bit tough when we came back to France and went back to our lives and jobs. We would like to never forget each show, each people we've met ; though we have to confess that one week together in a (not so small) van was enough for us! Actually, one or two, maybe three weeks on tour is great but I can understand that you must develop some kind of hatred or killing instincts when you spend too much time with crazy musicians!

7. Give us an anecdote about the tour. Did anything funny or remarkable happen?

I'm always telling the same story, but try to imagine : too much alcoohol, a german club full of neons, under a old castle, and a bunch of punk back from a concert of Loma Prieta, doing silly (but sexy) dances on 80's music... Great night!

8. How was the crowd's reception to Mörse? Any particular crowd that you really liked?

Let's be frank, the crowd wanted to see the other bands!

No, it was so fucking great! We had so much fun during each shows! You know, being on stage is always for us a powerful and cathartic experience! And when you see the crowd dancing and screaming to your songs, the things become hard to describe!

9. So what's next for Mörse? Can we expect to see you on stage again soon? Maybe a first LP?

We're writing new songs, we really hope to record a LP in 2013 ! We'll not play a lot during the next few months because our bass player has a new job and … no hollidays.

10. Lastly, is there anything you'd like to say to our readers and the Belgian audience?

We hope to play in Belgium quite soon because we definitely miss biki burgers and potato chips and small dry mexican flavoured penises/sausages!

I'd like to thank you for your time,

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