Black majesty is een powermetal band die al zeker 10 jaar ervaring onder de riem heeft.  Elders op deze site kan je de review terug vinden van hun 5de volalbum "Stargazer" waarvan wij best wel onder de indruk waren.

1.    How do you feel being the support for the nightwish 2013 tour?
We’re really looking forward to it! We’ve had a bunch of people tell us they’re really happy about us being the support!
Most of the shows will be sell out shows or close to sell outs so we’re keen on playing to the Nightwish crowd – particularly because we hope to make some new fans! It will be a shorter set than normal but I’m sure we’ll have a ball!

2.    The band has been making music for 10 years now. Did you grow as a person? Did some long lasting friendships develop?

Yes we have developed a great bond within the band! Most of us actually knew eachother before the band and developed a good mutual respect for another within the scene. We’ve all grown as musicians together and are the best of mates. We’ll begin writing for album number 6 in a few months time, so we’re just as hungry as ever!

3.    After 10 years of creating power metal. Do you think the genre changed much?
That’s a good question. I honestly think that the power metal market is less saturated these days and the bands left playing power metal are the better ones. We have had a lot of people and bands say really nice things about our album’s and live shows so we’re really happy with where things are at.

4.    I read a list of some of your favourite bands.  With whom do you like to be on stage or on the same tour?
I guess the obvious answer would be with Iron Maiden for many but we’re happy playing with all metal bands! We’d love to go on tour with someone like Judas Priest – they were a big influence on us as kids and still today! It would also be great to tour with a band like Masterplan. Roland Grapow has helped out with our last two cds and to see these guys perform night after night would be mind blowing!

5.    Stargazer is your 5th studio album already. Do you feel any drag about creating an album. Or is it as fun as it was the first time?

Definitely just as fun, if not more fun! We’ve learnt a lot of things with every album release so we’re always trying to make the best album we possibly can! Having said that, it was very special signing a five album deal back in 2003. I guess this prepared us for the ride!

6.    What was your most memorable moment of the recording time in the studio?
There’s been lots but one thing that stands out is working with Roland Grapow. Having a guy we looked up to and work on our own album was amazing. He’s a very cool guy and great person to help make the best album possible.....did I mention he has an awesome guitar and amp collection?

7.    Being from Australia, did you find it hard to bring your music to the rest of the world?
Australia is quite away from many parts of the world which makes touring quite difficult. However, it didn’t get in the way of us getting signed to Limb Music so i guess if you believe in what you can do, you can do it!. Things like the internet has brought the world closer together in many ways. We’re all very level headed over here downunder and enjoy our metal and we’re glad that the rest of the world don’t discriminate. We’ve developed a small but very loyal following worldwide and we appreciate that! We’ll continue doing what we do and releasing albums and touring as often as we can!

8.    Did you been to Europe or Belgium before? How do you imagine the atmosphere to be like?

We have been to many countires in Europe and toured many of our released albums. It is definitely hard coming from Australia, particularly financially but we have developed a small but supportive following which makes it worthwhile. In particular we have had our albums receive great reviews and pretty good sales in Europe so that has been great! We’re yet to play in Belgium but hopefully we’ll get there soon!

9.    What are your hopes and expectations for the future?

We have just had our hometown album launch for the Stargazer album here in Melbourne which was a fantastic turn out and very encouraging for us and the scene in general. From here we’ll play in South Africa in a few weeks and in January 2013 we’ll support Nightwish on their upcoming Australian tour. We also look to tour Asia in March and from there we hope to get to Europe – hopefully next Summer.
Our aim is to keep making the best album’s we possibly can and keep spreading the word!

10.    One last question, is there something you would like to say to our readers?
Thanks to all of our fans! We hope to get to Belgium in the future. Fingers crossed that happens sooner rather than later. Please checkout our latest Stargazer cd which is out now.
Feel free to checkout our Facebook and Twitter pages or our website for updates.
Metal cheers from downunder, Australia
Stevie & Black Majesty




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