altAfter a mere half year after releasing their brand new CD Helvetios, the busy folks of Eluveitie are already surprising us with another (re)release. This time their creation is called The Early Days. so what in earth where they thinking? How and why did they produce another record so fast? Answers can be found in the transcript of our follow-up interview!

During our last interview only 6 months ago you stated it would be an honor to come back as soon as possible. I can definitly say you held your word. Paganfest, Graspop and soon the duogig with Sabaton.

Oh yes we did.

Why was there need for a special re-release of 2 of your earliest albums? Topped with a completely new song. The last fully new album Helvetios only dates back a few months.

We're fulltime musicians and like music, what else should we do?
They're not available anymore and the demand is there. Apart from that we love recording stuff at the studio, so that gave us a good reason without having to write new songs. Don't get me wrong though, we only re-recorded "Vên". Also because we thought it would be cool to adjust those songs to the current lineup (Chrigel, for instance, wasn't the lead singer back then). The new song will only be available with our own edition which is sold through our webstore!

Many of the tracks on Vên and the earliest albums still make the crowd go mental. Even with the gigantic influx of new fans. Does this surprise you?

Not really, I mean they're Eluveitie songs just like our new songs. They're not that different, so if you like our style you'll like Vên songs too.
But I'm really surprised when crowds still go mad after seeing us so many times. I'm always kind of afraid that people will get sick of us because we're touring so much. But it seems like people can see that we really enjoy what we do and therefore have fun watching us.

Now with the new re-release of 'The Early Days' due, and the heavy touring, and with Helvetios only just released, do you guys have time to even breathe?

Haha, yes! Some of us even went on holidays this summer. I don't want to make it sound like what we do is hard, because it isn't. Musicians that complain about how exhausting touring and recording albums is clearly have the wrong job or are spoilt brats. Even if you play shows everyday or have long days at a studio, imagine the tons of people who spend 10 hours a day doing a job they hate. We're privileged and shouldn't forget that.

How did you experience the complete re-recording of Vên and your oldest songs?

It actually went pretty fast. Everybody knew what he or she had to do, we recorded it in two different studios (Tommy Vetterli, our producer's new sound studio and with Marco Jencarelli and I at the Soundfarm in Lucerne). It wasn't that spectacular to be honest... Chrigel and I had some fun times at Tommy's studio because we were doing some experiments and had spontaneous ideas concerning the vocals, but that's all that comes to my mind.

I have not heard the (old)new songs yet, can you pick your 2 favorites?

Jezaig & Druid

Can you tell me a little bit more about the new song Divico? What is the story behind it?
Why was it never released before? And why now and not on, for example, Helvetios?

Divico is the name of a historical figure out of whose point of view the song is written. He was a chief of a partially Helvetic tribe and the song is about him expressing the love for his home which he unfortunately had to leave.
Chrigel started writing this song during Vên times, but he never finished it. He was never happy with the outcome of it and during the years he always tried to pick it up again. And now he managed to write it the way he had imagined it.

Will Divico be performed live?


Now a last question from our readers: Have you ever or will you ever do 'accoustic' shows with the material from Evocation and the other non-metal songs?

We have done shows before where we played an acoustic set, but a metal set followed after. I don't think we would do a complete non-metal show because that's not us. But then again, isn't it cooler if we play a 2-hour show with both in it?

Thank you for your time

Thank you too!

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