Awaken Demons

Een tijdje geleden reviewde ik al de laatste nieuwe plaat van Awaken Demons. Naar aanleiding hiervan kreeg ik ook de kans de heren te interviewen. Wat ze ons te vertellen hadden leest u hieronder.

1. First things first, for our readers that don't know Awaken Demons, can you tell us who you are and why people should consider listening to your songs?

We are an hardcore-metal band from Italy. we are active since 2007 and we released 3 records, 1 with demons run amok/seventhdagger in 2008, 1 with trustkill in 2009 and 1 with soar/bastardized recordings in 2012. We are not a “fashion” band we keep it simple, we play for our fans we care about the connection not become the new slipknot or whatever.

2. The new record “Awaken Demons” is self-titled, why did you choose to name it after the band?

We choose the st cause we wanted to try something new, someone liked it someone depends.

3. Can you tell us what the new album is about? What was your inspiration for these new songs?

The new records inspiration is about personal feelings. situations that happen every day. Everyone who have lived those kind of situations can feel our lyrics.

4. Following the release of “Awaken Demons”, are there any plans for a European or an international tour? Can we expect to see you on stage somewhere this summer?

We did a short European tour with our friends in annotations of an autopsy in march and we have single shows planned in Europe this summer. We’ll play some festivals like baltic sea, skatefest and rock im ring

5. As far as the new album goes, what's your personal favorite song and why?

My personal songs are: disease, take the crown foregone. I guess they are the heavies of the record and that’s why I personally like it more.

6. The genre Awaken Demons plays is mostly described as metalcore, do you consider this accurate or do you see yourself more as either a metal or a hardcore band?

Yeah, that’s correct...this new record fits more in the metalcore style. But we, as people, are closer to the hardcore attitude. We’re writing new music now and this new music is back to our roots, more hardcore and more aggressive.

7. Is there anything in particular you feel you can offer to either the metal or hardcore scene? Is there some sort of positive message you want to carry out towards the scene?

Well, to the metal scene we can offer aggression and to the hardcore scene we can ovver either aggression but also frustration and songs that people can enjoy moshing or stage diving. We love playing in every situation but of course we prefer the hardcore shows cause we are an hardcore band.

8. What's your view on today’s hardcore/metal scene? Be it internationally or within your own country?

Hardcore and metal is too mainstream today. some labels let their bands thinks they can become “rich” with record sales but that’s bullshit. hardcore isn’t about record sales. if a label sign an hardcore band is not for record sales but for the connection they have with their fans.

if we tour America we expect to be on ZERO with all the costs, what we care is the connection with the people over there. I have my own job to make money and awaken demons is just a passion that runs through my veins since 2007, nothing more.

9. As far as live acts go, what's your favorite venue to play at? Do you prefer large stages on summer festivals or would you rather play at a small club? Is there any particular venue you really liked?

Big stages are awesome cause you have a lot of space for everything and the organization, crew is very accurate. BUT playing in small venues is def the best for hardcore shows, the crowd is closer to us and make us feel at home.

10. What's next for Awaken Demons? Are there any goals you still wish to achieve? Be it in the near or far future?

Actually we are writing new music, that’s all for now..we’ll see about the future.

11. Finally, is there anything you'd like to say to our readers and the Belgian audience?

Thank you for this interview, we’ll be back in Belgium this September at skatefest and we hope to see you there to have fun with us.

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