Seven ends is een moderne thrashband die gevormd is in 2007 in Nederland. Elders op deze site kan je de review terug vinden van hun debuut "to the worms" waarvan ondergetekende best wel onder de indruk was. De band is vooral bekend vanwege hun overwinning op de wacken metal battle in 2010 waardoor ze op het legendarische festival mochten spelen.

First of all I want to let you guys know you’ve made a great album. How do you guys feel about releasing your first full-length album?

  1. Thanks, we’re also really pleased with the result. It’s awesome to find your own album in any record store.

2. I’ve read that you won the Dutch wacken metal battle, how was it to play on Wacken?

For a beginning band like ourselves it’s pretty overwhelming to play at a festival of that magnitude. But the most amazing part of the show was the kick-ass audience. There is some nice footage of that, check it out on YouTube! 

3. Although you played on wacken this album is the first time I heard about you, did your victory on the wacken metal battle have any impact on your popularity?

Not really. There are still waaay too many metalbands out there to make a distinct difference. And a lot of good bands too. But we do notice that expectations are a bit higher than before Wacken.

4. Which bands where a big influence on this band?

Mostly Slayer, Testament, Exodus, Hatesphere, The Haunted, Vader, Vomitory, Machine Head……And maybe a million more. 

5. Do you guys already have any new ideas for the next album or do you prefer to wait?

We are writing new stuff, but there are no definitive plans for an album. We first have to wait how this album goes around.

6. The album is already out for some time, do you guys get more attention and shows now?

We do get more attention in the media. Interviews like this, reviews and airtime. But finding gigs seems to be even harder than before. 

7. Tell me, what makes seven ends stand out between the enormous horde of modern thrash bands in this world?

For us it’s hard to say about ourselves that we stand out. What we try to accomplish is to combine the raw and aggressive nature of old-school thrash with some melodic/modern influences and just a bit of deathmetal. This aggressiveness is also what we show in our live performances.

8. What are your hopes and dreams for seven ends in the future?

Right now we’re working our asses of to get on stage more than we do now. If that works out we hope to be able to work towards another album some day. 

9. If you have to name one favorite song of the new album which one would it be and why?

I would say Hypocrites of Faith. It’s the most versatile song on our album, and I just love to play it.

10.  How does seven ends write music?

Usually our guitar player Ricardo writes the music part of a song and Jan writes the lyrics. When we come together for a rehearsal we choose a new track to work on the details and finishing touches. Then we play it a million times to see if it works for us.

11.  Thanks for his interview guys, I want to say I really enjoyed to the worms and I’m going to keep my eye out on you now.

You’re welcome…any time. Cheers!

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