Out of the seemingly in exhaustive pool of Finnish funeral doom, comes Profetus who have just released their sophomore album ‘To Open the Passages in Dusk…’ After a raving review in your favorite webzine, Darkview contacted keyboard player S. Kujansuu and guitarist V. Kujansuu about why they are so passionate about this excruciatingly slow type of music

One of the remarkable points in your lineup is that you have no bass player. Instead you use the organ to lay the groundwork?

As a dogmatic starting point when Profetus was formed, it decided to create funeral doom with guitars, percussion and minimalistic organ. The Profetus sound has greatly benefited from this solution. Our type of organ utilization and it´s way to interplay with percussion gives guitars and vocal work also a rather eccentric touch. With bass you would end up to more commonly used arrangements.

The title of the track ‘The Watcher’s Dusk’ reminds me a little of a track by one of the pioneers of the genre, your fellow countrymen Thergothon. I’m talking about ‘ Yet The Watchers Guard” Is it pure coincidence or is there some relation?

You are probably thinking of the two chord synth/organ parts that these songs both have? I had to listen to the Thergothon song to get what you mean. There can be relation found. Probably.

What attracts you to this utterly slow; moody kind of music?

When “getting in to” our lyrics you´ll find that the themes we are focused on float in a, shall I say, philosophical or even spiritual level. Thus it is not the slowness or bleakness in it´s self that attracts us. Creation of sound world is a constant black whole which doesn´t explain itself to the ones that are creating it. That math happens on listeners minds. Simply the representation of our contemplations and values can not reveal its´s nature in other form.

What is the story or concept behind ‘…To Open the Passages in Dusk?

Concept derives from perennial questions that man has always pondered. There are some folklore elements there too. Aarnitulet (will-o´-the wisps) is one of those used as a metaphor. The piercing consciousness about deaths eternity and our dream like journey to and from its womb is a theme worth a canticle composed for it.

The lyrics are very much inspired by nature it sounds. The have an air of mysticism and enchantment about them as well.

Our culture has been very nature oriented and we are proud of our heritage. So this work is also dedicated to our forested oasis to where we have been thrown. The vacant surroundings here give the soul plenty of time to drift and experience nature in all its beauty and grimness. Ideally the movements of soul and its outside become one. As in your grave they eventually will.

Any plans to officially rerelease your Saturnine demo?

Yes. It is going to be re-released. Can´t tell you when, though. Best not to suffocate the listeners with excessice flow of releases.

Is there any chance we will get to see you anytime soon in Belgium?

We are doing a show or two this year abroad and next one will be in Denmark. Unfortunately our previous plans did not materialize. It was very close a few years back to make it to Belgium. We are eager to play anywhere there is interest shown towards us. Though I must stress that we play very seldomly overall.

Do you follow your fellow funereal colleagues both in Finland and abroad somewhat or not at all?

Sure. Of our finnish colleagues we have played in same events at least with Tyranny and Skepticism. When CotBS came out in 2009 we played a couple of shows with Mournful Congregation, Longing for Dawn and Mourning Beloveth in Finland. These sort of occasions seem to reoccur due to the overall amount of doom bands.

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