The guy's from Necronomicon have unleashed their fury in a brand new album. We thought it was the perfect time to hang out with Andi. And during a friendly talk we received some very amusing answers to our stinging questions. But we all have big news, Andi made it out alive of our inquiry unharmed an happy. Here's the result.

First of all thank you for conducting this interview.

You're welcome, thank you for your interest in NECRONOMICON!

The name necronomicon, is this derived from the book of H.P Lovecraft?

Yeah thats right, it's a sensual name with a dark history, sounds so smoothly. Thats the reason why we chose this name (by the way in 1984.....). As we were, we did not want to have such a cliché name 
with aggression, hate & violence.

Do you experience any comparison from the death metal band necronomicon?

First of all, we have a lot respect for other bands and styles. But we don't care about copycats.We wanted a name with a background. A name that tells his own story. At that time (1984) there was no other band with this name. We never thought, that it would be gonna so popular for other bands. We're not happy about it. Unfortunately we cannot protect the name.

What was the idea behind the cover artwork?

Well actually Freddy came in once with cool idea - (we'll keep it for the next album.....) but in the end this artwork was the choice of massacre records & Jan Yrlund.

Invictus counts 5 bonus tracks, which is a lot. Was this chosen on purpose?

Oh you know, many of our friends asked for a "live albums". So when we 
came back from Russia where Timo (our Soundengineer) took some nice 
records, we decided to put them on the digipak.

Invictus was released on 10 February; did you receive the reactions you expected?

No, we were just blown away no one could expect it! There is a worldwide interest for INVICTUS, there are more than 300 international reviews 99% of them are just gorgeous and there are so many interviews like we never had before!

The band is already making music for 28 years. Are there any memorable moments?

Are You kidding? Each and every day is a memorable moment. We have tons of magic moments but they are hidden in the MAGIC FORREST. If you come to our show, we might tell you more about it backstage....

You play in Belgium in May, what can we expect from your gig?

50 minutes power, some NECRONOMICON classics and of course our new stuff from INVICTUS!

I read it took 4 years to release a record due to health issues. Hopefully its going a lot better now?

Thank You, even more than perfect! You'll see that on stage.

What would you like to say at your fans?

Hey folks, take all your friends with ya and come to our show on may 5th in Oostrozebeke. We give you a great THANXX there.
See U!

Sofie from & Andi from NECRONOMICON

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