altIn light of their new Living on the razor’s edge we were eager to know what exactly they wanted to tell with the title. So we knocked on the door of Danny and invited him to have a little talk.

1: You guys  just released a new album, how did you feel about it when it finally came out?

Hey, we were quiet happy and felt awesome when “LIVING ON THE RAZOR`S EDGE” was released, because this was our first concept-album. We worked a lot on the new release and so it was great to hold a very well produced CD with good songs and a wonderful artwork in our hands.

2: 3 records have been recorded, 1 every two years, can we expect another one in 2013?

We hope so!! We think it is a good interval to release albums. But I have to say that it was not planned by us to release “FRAGEMENTS OF AN INCOMPLETE PUZZLE” two years after “FALLEN PARADISE”. Let`s say it was a happenstance. So we tried to release “LIVING ON THE RAZOR`S EDGE” also within two years and we will also try to record a new album until 2013.

3: My favorite track on the new album is "Addicted", Do you get a general liking for one song, or are they all equal?

Basically, I like every single song from the album, but of course I have two or three favourites. My favs are “Revenge and Murder”, “Welcome to the Abyss” and “Clarity of Mind”. “Addicted” is also a very good song. I like it too, because it starts so brutal and really gives a punch into your face!!!

4: Compared to other metal songs, most of yours are "relatively" short, which is completely different from what everyone else is doing. Do you think it gives you a broader, or a different fan base?

I don`t think that the length of our songs is a big fact to like us or not. When we write our songs, we don`t care about their playtime. Important for us is, that every song represents what it should and include all things we want to put in.

But not all our songs are short. “Clarity of Mind”, for example, is nearly eight minutes long.

5: What are the main events for this year? Is there anything special planned?

Unfortunately, until today there are not many shows booked. Nowadays it is very difficult to get gigs without paying more, than getting fee. So we have to decide which shows we are able to play. But we really want to play as many gigs as possible!! We love to perform on stage and enjoy to party with the audience!

6: Can the Belgian fans, expect a visit? And if so, where and when?

A few years ago, we already visited Belgium once and it was really awesome! So there is no reason why we should not visit you! When we get an offer we will load up our van and start to Belgium!

7: Name one thing, you really miss in your life as a musician at the moment?

Mostly I miss the free-time. Studies and band need a lot of time, but I really like to be a member of a band with all it pros and contras!

8: Are there any bands that inspired you, what drove you to music?

Of course there are! At the age of twelve I got my first metal-CD. It was “Dying Fetus- Killing on Adrenaline”. Immediately, I felt in love with this music. At this time I learned accordion at a music school. I quit these lessons and start to play drums. Only moments later I start my first metal-band!

9:If Dying Humanity could be known for one thing, what would it be?

True melodic Death-Metal!!!


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