18th November 2011 a new cd "Terra Incognita" is released to conquer the world! The owners of this brand new cd is the band Coronatus, a symphonic metal out Germany. What makes this so special I hear you think?! Well, this band was the first one to use two complete different female voices which lead to an unique sound.


For the fans of Ada Flechtner, she joined the group again for there 2011 tour and the group decided to have her voice also on the new cd. Being a metal soprano, Ada sings with Mareike Makosch who has a rock metal voice. Interested in the band and there new album, Darkview get all dressed up, went out to ask some questions and came back with this sparkling interview! Thanks to all members of Coronatus for taking time to answer!

Coronatus: congratulations with your new album!

Ada Flechtner, you sing again with the band after a two year break how did that feel? Were you pleased to come back with the group or how did you find each other back?

It felt very familiar! Even thou a lot had changed in the meantime, It still felt as good as it did before. Somehow this was some coincidence. Since, a singer  (Gaby Koss) had to cancel the tour with Haggard, the guys called me do take over her part.

Mats Kurth, as being the senior in the band, by which I mean one of the founders of the band, what do you think of all the changes of musicians and vocals?

All those changes are not very helpful for a band, of course. However, sometimes the same is true if you have people within a lineup who will not or cannot support the development of a band in a constructive sense. In fact, people always recognize that Coronatus has had a whole lot of lineup changes over the years. My personal theory is: most bands never recognized or releasing only one or two albums would have the same situation if they would still exist. The only difference is: they break up and give up after the first or second line up change. Thus, Coronatus is not in a very special situation by  having so much lineup changes, but Coronatus is one of the seldom found bands that simply survived so much changes. This is a different kind of view to this problem.

I can assume that it is sometimes nice to have new influences but how do you manage to hold on the original idea from where you started the band in 1999?

We simply did not hold to an original idea except of the concept of two female singers. The rest, means all musical influences, simply came out of the members that participated in their period. Sometimes I really wonder why the change within the musical appearance of the Coronatus songs is not so strong than one could expect from all the different musicians...

In the search for new vocals, do you look in different styles of music or how do you find your vocals?

Finding Ada was not really difficult since she was a band member a few years in the past already. We found Mareike, since she was already  well known in the Stuttgart music scene. With both of them together we played some part  of the tour with Haggard. The shows have been that funny, that we called the two girls our “winning team”. And thus we decided, to ask them to record the album, too.

On the cover of your new album "Terra Incognita" there is a rudder and flying birds. Where does the choice for this cover come from?

This was done by Lukasz Jaszak, the graphic designer, himself. In principle we only told him the title of the album, the titles of the tracks and sent him the lyrics. We are very satisfied with the result!

As I have read in an interview with Carmen R. Lorch, the writing of the songs and lyrics is something that you do together as a group. Is it true that you do not have one singer/songwriter in your band?

It is true, that we have several songwriters amongst the band members. It is also true, that for the former albums, as well as for the Terra Incognita album, we composed the songs together. However, the main idea, now and then, came from a single person for each song separately. The other band members contributed some ideas  or changes an brought in their very personal signature to the songs. Maybe, this is the reason why the music of Coronatus ever kept its typical identity.

I assume that when you want to make a new album, you have to decided which song/lyric would be set on the new album, how does this go?

In fact, I have to admit that we do not had this kind of problems. Normally, we work on a song and we bring it to a form and shape everybody of the band can agree with. We are not a band that throws some 50 ideas on the floor and tell them songs. We have only some basic ideas but we try it out in many, many different ways until we find a shape and style that satisfies all of us.

When the group started in 2004 with the concept of two female vocals in front, you were a new concept in the metal world. Do you know if there are already other groups doing the same and what do you think about that?

Yes, I know about a band called All Ends. However, the two female singers have two quite similar voices, in my opinion. Thus, we are still the only band using different female singing styles.

In 2009 you performed at the Female Voices festival in Belgium together among other with Tarja, a magnitude in the metal world AND a female vocal. Could this come to a co-created CD?

This would surely be great. However, we never met Tarja personally. Actually, I am not sure if she ever heard about Coronatus at all...but, one of her guitar players, Alex Scholpp, lives nearby in Stuttgart...

What can we expect from the band in the future?

We reached a really great line up yet. So I suppose we will be able to do much more live gigs than in the past. And of course we will go on to produce good music with a lot of  power and feelings. Maybe we can also present more video material in the future.

What do/did you think of the Belgian fans, are they the same as in others countries? In near future, are you coming back to Belgium?

Of course the Belgian  fans are the best in the world, why are you asking? G We would really love to play once more at the MFVF again. If this would come true you will really get some kicks from both of our ladies!

Good luck with the new album!


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