Graveworm just released their new brutal hard cd And each song is again a masterpiece. Where do they find the inspiration, the brutality and the dark corners in their souls to make such a fantastic record. Those are the questions that are answered when they found time to talk to us.

I'd like to begin with some basic questions, for the readers of darkview who don't know you yet.

How did you guys meet and who's idea was it to start with GRAVEWORM?

We were friends at the time and visit a lot of shows and speak about music and do a lot of things together . So one day we decided to make a band only to make some noise and to show that we are all here… So we tried to play and it was so funny and we decided to go on . And one day the whole thing went important and more professional for us .. We founded something that we liked and so Graveworm was born.

Did you expect GRAVEWORM to get this big?

No, definitely not. At first the band was only an instrument to make some noise but we never expected to make concerts over the world, to record 8 albums ….. and visit some great places and meet a lot of people… When we started we wrote a list with all things that we wished that we could reach with the band… And a few years later we reached all things. Awesome. 

I heard somewhere, correct me if I'm wrong, that this started as a hobby, is that correct?

that´s right. And this is still a hobby for us. A very important one. We like it to stay on stage, to travel, to speak with people and to have fun. We cannot live from the music but who cares, we have fun and that’s the most important thing.

If so, how is it now? Is it still just a hobby or is it taking over everything?

It´s still a hobby. We spend all our free time and in the band but beside the band we have all normal jobs and families…

So, you guys are an Italian metal band, five men and one woman. How does it feel to be the only female of the band, Sabine? Do you sometimes miss to have another female around?

You have to ask Sabine about that but we all handle her like all others in the band. She is very tuff. and so she has no problem to go on tour with us. :-)

Your new CD "FRAGMENTS OF DEATH" just came out, how do the fans react to this CD?

Great, we did a big step back to the roots and in my eyes it was the right decision. The fans like the new album and graveworm fans of older albums like it too. It´s still great to hear from people all over the world that they like the new album. Is always a pleasure to hear that because you spend a lot of energies in writing the songs, enter the studio and record an album.

Which song on your new CD would you recommend our readers? And why is that?

My personal song is The world will die in flames. This song describes exactly what kind of sound Graveworm play. Aggressive and one side but still melodic and atmospheric. And for me this song is the perfect neck breaker.

So, this is like your eleventh CD so far? Is it hard to constantly find the inspiration for a new CD or does it happen, just like that?

Eleventh? This is album number 8. But is not so hard to find inspiration because we like the band, the music and all the work that we have to do… And so is always a pleasure for us when a new song is finished and we can play it for the first time in the studio,…..

Is there an event or place you definitely want to go to?

There are some festivals that we want to play but my favorite places to play, that I really want to play on day is Asia. I heard a lot of great things there and I hope that one day we will get the chance to fly there and make some shows.

I've read somewhere you also cover songs, which one is your favorite?

That´s true It´s always something special to cover songs. Important for us is that the song must sound like a Graveworm song at the end, because for me it makes no sense just play the song in the same way and ad a death metal voice. That´s not our way. MY favorite cover song is Losing my religion from REM. I think in the future we will do some more cover songs…

Do you have any final remarks or words to say to your fans and our readers?

Thanks for this opportunity to make this interview. Enjoy our new album and I hope to see some reader on tour and maybe at the bar to drink some beers…. Stay heavy


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