The young Australian band "Elm Street" presented us their first album "Barbed Wire Metal". We thought that this release was a great opportunity for us to do a interview with the band.We are very thankful to vocalist Ben Batrist to answer our questions!


How did the band came alive? How did you guys meet each other for example?

The band was born when we were in the early years of high school, I (Ben) met Aaron before that maybe around when we were 5 years old then when we both moved to the same high school we met Tom & Brendan and then everything else was history.

We all didn’t really know much about heavy metal rather than the main bands such as Metallica, Pantera & Iron Maiden but once we discovered what we loved we started to expand into bands within power, thrash and traditional metal. In those early years nobody knew how to play an instrument so once we decided to make a band we all chose our instrument and started learning what we could.

Where did you get the inspiration for the band name? 

When we first began we actually had three names we went under haha we first began with ‘Metal Warriors’ then moved onto ‘Twisted Metal’ then finally we settled for the band name ‘RAID’ which we did a few shows under.

After about a year or so the band name really wasn’t suiting us so we searched for something that was traditional and that when you hear it people straight away relate to the 80’s era, and what better name than ‘Elm Street’.

Even though it wasn’t inspired by the movies people straight away think of the Freddy Kruger movies.

Did you guys agreed which style you were going to play? Or can you explain to us how you came to traditional (heavy) metal?

Yeah! The most unique about us is we all grew up together at the same time finding the Same taste in music. Nobody likes anything the other member doesn’t like so something Very special about the band. We never really discussed a style we wanted to play but as We started to write more music the style of traditional metal was what inspired us most So that’s how the music turned out. 

Are there any bands where you get your inspiration of?

Basically anything from the 80’s/early 90’s era inspires us. We keep discovering more bands as the days go by and they keep coming from those era’s so the more we listen the better our style is getting as we play the music we love. 

Which number is your personal favorite and with the most successful live?

I don’t think we have a personal favorite as we worked equally hard over the years on all the songs so we could literally listen to the album through 100 times and not get bored haha.

Live though, all the songs are really coming through and people are getting into every aspect of the show. Elm St’s Children & Barbed Wire Metal are always very popular live though, the crowd is always chanting them at the top of their lungs which is kick ass! 

In my review I compared the singing with a rougher version from Alice Cooper. Do you agree with that statement?

Yeah for sure! I’ve always been a fan of Alice Cooper and that rough vocal style so it’s definitely an inspiration. I think for heavy/fast music it may have the most effect especially when the lyrics are giving a heartfelt life story.

Australia isn't much known as a land of metal, can you give any tips to our readers so they can explore new bands?

I’m not too sure why a lot of Australian bands don’t get worldwide exposure but for all the true metal fans out there check out – Pegazus, Mortal Sin, In Malice’s Wake, Electrik Dynamite, Mason, Demolition, Taberah, Psytonal & Darker Half. 

I heard you guys are going on the tour bus through Europe for the first time! Do you have any favorite bands that can come with you? 

Yeah, that all begins mid/late April 2012 which should be killer! It’ll be a small tour starting off at small venues as we build our fan base throughout Europe although we plan to stay somewhere in Europe for a few years so we can continue to shred shows and build more fans. Over time we hope we can share the stage with the leading traditional metal bands like Cauldron, Holy Grail, Skull Fist, Majesty & Stormwarrior!

In the future, when there is a successor, are you planning to keep on working in the current style? Or is there the need to try some new things / styles?

There is no doubt we’ll be trying to make things better and bigger for the next album although we have true metal hearts and that will never change! 

Is there something you want to say or share with your fans?

Thank you to for the opportunity to share some insight with the metal community. We hope to see all you head bangers in 2012 if not sometime in the near future. As you do, stay true \m/ 

Thank you so much for this interview. I wish you all the luck with future tours and albums!


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